Company Profile

H&C-VGU Engineering GmbH (a private limited liability company) is the result of a merger with effect from 27.09.2000 between H&C Engineering GmbH and VGU Ingenieurgesellschaft für Energie- und Umwelttechnik mbH. VGU was founded 1980 as an independent engineering company with head office in Gummersbach. H&C Engineering GmbH was founded in September 1997.

H&C has brought own processes, or through licence-taking, in the field of regenerative energy and waste reutilisation into merger of both companies. VGU had their main focus in the field of concept developments for municipal and industrial energy supplies as well as thermal disposal of ammunition.

H&C-VGU Engineering GmbH stands for advanced technology and therefore unites a broad spectrum of engineering technological knowledge with experience of implementation, to international standards as well, which comes only from long experience.

The only managing shareholder of H&C-VGU Engineering GmbH is Dr.-Ing. Mohammad Yaqub Chughtai and enjoys with his experience of more than 35 years worldwide renown in energy and environment protection.

Our main fields in the broadest sense are Energy and Environment Protection. Currently we are dealing with Renewable Energy, i.e. Wind, Photo Voltaic and Biomass. As far as household waste treatment is concerned, we plan mechanical biological treatment, landfills and also incineration plants. Municipal and industrial effluent treatment is one of our specialities. In the last years disposal of ammunition has become a major business and we have already planned successfully a number of thermal ammunition disposal plants on fully automatic operation.

H&C-VGU is working on projects with its own staff and in cooperation with highly qualified independent engineers as an external staff.

We offer the best strategies and personal preconditions for a successful execution of your project. H&C-VGU has necessary liability insurances to cover the possible customer’s demands.